"Corduroy Jacket Styling: Offmint Fashion Tips"
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How To Style Corduroy Jacket For Men's? Fashion Empowerment By Offmint

by Ashutosh Roy 25 Jan 2024


Corduroy jacket

We've all had one of our favorite corduroy jackets from our childhood; something about the feel and appearance of a corduroy jacket takes you by surprise. But we only knew how exquisite and adaptable this fabric is once we were older and began creating our capsule wardrobes. 

Even though a corduroy jacket ensemble is meant for the winter, it can also be worn in the summer as an alternative to a denim jacket for layering and adding utility to your ensemble. However, it is undeniable that October is the month when people start to feel excited about dressing in corduroy jackets since they know they will keep them warm and safe during the chilly months.  

How To Style Together Offmint Men’s Corduroy Jacket Outfit with Your Wardrobe Collection?

Using items from your current wardrobe and Offmint corduroy jacket to create a fashionable ensemble can be a creative and eco-friendly way to show off your style. There are a lot of garments made with corduroy, including suits, outerwear jackets, and hats. Below we’ll offer some tips on wearing its most basic and common iterations: jackets, pants, and shirts. The corduroy jacket (often referred to as a blazer though it’s technically not one) may be associated with academic types, but, spiffy without being stuffy, it’s a good-looking piece regardless of your profession. A corduroy jacket is a nice pick for when you want to look a little dressed up but still laid-back. Do one if you work in a more casual, but not jeans-and-t-shirt casual, workplace (like if you’re a teacher or a librarian — natch!) or to an event that feels special, but isn’t formal, like going out to dinner with your lady. You’ll most often find corduroy jackets in various shades of brown, and the versatility of this color makes it a good option for adding to your wardrobe. You can also find jackets in green, Grey, and Pink on Offmint, and those can certainly work if your budget and taste allow for purchasing a piece that will get less use and make you stand out more. On your bottom half, pair a corduroy jacket with jeans, chinos, or trousers, along with chukkas, leather boots, or dress shoes on the more casual end of the formality spectrum. Layer over a solid-color (it’s hard to go wrong with white) button-down, or a thin solid-color sweater. If you’re wearing a button-down, consider adding a more casual tie; in an exception to the rule of not pairing textured accessories with textured corduroy, a knit tie works well here. You can also find perfect accessories for styling for more check out our website. www.offmint.com

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