Embrace The Trend Of Women’s Co-ord Sets By Offmint.
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Embrace The Trend Of Women’s Co-ord Sets By Offmint.

by Ashutosh Roy 22 Jan 2024

Women's co-ord set


Finding the latest inspiration to dress for a day (be it any occasion) can be a little challenging for women. If your formal work wardrobe doesn’t feel right, and neither do your casual dresses for your home, then here comes the better solution to enter the comfortable and versatile urban staple- Co-ord sets by Offmint. And yes, they are back in trend and have caught the attention of every eye. Now, the latest co-ord sets collection are available on Offmint in modern and contemporary colors, prints, and cuts . Wear them to your date night or office wear; they are well-scored in comfort, versatility, and style. 

What Do You Mean By Co-ord Sets?

A co-ord set consists of two pieces of clothing- comprising matching top and bottom wear. Both are crafted with similar fabric, design patterns, and color tonality. The beauty of a co-ord set is accentuated only when the coordinated set is fully matched and all you need to do is pair your co-ord set skirt and top with matching accessories. Whether you want to lounge at home or head out with your girls on a Sunday brunch, Offmint co-ord sets are the way to go!

How To Style Co-ord Sets?

All your efforts and money will go in vain if you lack the know-how to style it, especially when there are plenty of ways out there. Consequently, here are some ways to style your co-ord sets perfectly and look your best.

Mix and Match- No doubt that Offmint co-ord sets come in sets including both tops and pants but do you know you can also mix and match your co-ord sets with other pieces in your wardrobe? For instance, style the bottom with a contrasting top to make it look fresh.

Pick accessories- No co-ord set is complete without the right accessories. So, the next way to style your co-ord set is to pick the right accessories. The accessories can be a belt, earrings, necklace, or bracelet to give you a complete look. You can also check out Offmint website for the Latest Accessories collection.

Be creative with footwear- Which footwear you wear with your co-ord set can make or mar your overall look. Consequently, make sure to choose the befitting footwear with your co-ord set. Prefer to wear heels or wedges for a glamorous look.

Do’s and Don’ts with Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets for women also known as coordinates are like matches made in heaven. They come in different styles and sizes, vibrant colors, and perfectly complement each other. Wearing co-ords is not just about following trends, but It’s about embracing a whole new level of fashion fabulousness! Therefore, if you are ready to take the plunge to rock your favorite co-ord set, you can refer to the following do’s and don’ts.

  • Co-ord sets come mostly in bold and eye-catching colors and make you stand out in the crowd. 
  • If you have recently hopped on the bandwagon of co-ord set trends, you should experiment with different patterns and designs. While choosing to wear neutral colors, you can try trending designs like monochrome, stripes, and even animated prints. 
  • The idea of buying matching co-ord sets is to establish a seamless fashion sense so that your top and bottom wear don’t look different. This matching outfit is extensively crafted to save from fashion dilemmas about mixing and matching the outfit. The bonus fashion tip says, to avoid wearing them with different pairs to create a mismatched look. 
  • Completing the outfit is just as important as choosing the right clothes! And guess what? The accessories play a major role in accentuating the overall look. To ensure your accessories perfectly complement your coordinates, either choose one statement piece like a necklace or add subtle elements to layer your look. 
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